First post: Great scandinavian coffee bars

I’ve made a google map of my favourite coffee bars in Scandinavia. The bar has been set quite high when it comes to selection and logistics of beans, served coffee drinks and general coffee knowledge – as opposed to other things that might be equally important (like service, magazine selection and comfy chairs) but not as relevant for this blog.

Comments are welcome, as well as suggestions to where I should go next with this. I orignally intended to score them as well but it became to hard to stay objective towards my own shops.


One Response to “First post: Great scandinavian coffee bars”

  1. Morten W. Vestenaa Says:


    Nice map there. I totally agree in the selection of coffe bars. I have three coffe bars in Jutland that you whant to consider. 2 x Sigfreds Kaffebar på Ryesgade 3 og 28 i Århus. Behag Din Smag i Maren Turis Gade 5, Ålborg(Lene Hyldahl)

    I am looking forward to see who will win your coffee award this year! I loved to read about your coffee-sourcing policy. I dig it!


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