International weeks

September looks to be an exciting month for us at Kaffemisjonen.

We normally buy our coffee from four different roasters, all Norwegian: Kaffa, Tim Wendelboe, Supreme Roastworks and Solberg & Hansen. We cup their coffees blindly every week, basing what we buy the following week on those results.

For september however we want to try something different. We’ve invited our three favourite european roasters outside of Norway to be our sole supplier for one week each. We’ve chosen Square Mile(UK), Koppi(Sweden) and The Coffee Collective(Denmark). We’ve asked them to supply four different coffees as espresso, as well as their full sortiment to put on our shelves and brew as filter coffee.

We’ve also asked them to roast their favourite coffee from America and it’s African counterpart on a particular roast date, which we will then compare blindly at the end of september to each other and two norwegian coffees chosen by our cuppers. The winner of the two categories will receive the Kaffemisjonen European Coffee of the Year award 2009.

To help us choose we’ve already invited Charles Babinski of Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea in Chicago. He will also work a few shifts at our bar, which I’m really looking forward to. Mette-Marie Hansen of Kaffa is also coming. Anyone else who’d like to join us are very welcome!


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